What is the Next Level?

I created Next Level so there was one simple website that people could go to in order to see the latest and greatest BMX racing video content from around the web in May of 2012. This is what I think BMX racing needs and I hope you enjoy it! I’m always looking for content so feel free to drop a video on the submit page. Feedback is always nice to, whether you want to tell me I have the worst website in BMX, I’m doing a great job, or even if you want to say “hi” be sure to send me an email to the contact page!

E.J. Dorrian

speedwagon 12

I’m a 21 year old expert currently living in Austin, Texas at the University of Texas studying Mechanical Engineering. That one sentence pretty much describes my life. Class, libraries, racing on the weekends, trails, and skateparks.

Pretty much every aspect of this site has been DIY. I started it up myself and handled all the posting myself up until Lloyd came on board in January of 2012. I print most of the shirts myself in my garage back home, so buy a t-shirt, hat, or even some stickers so I can buy myself dinner or a cup of coffee. Also, if you want to email me for any reason the contact page goes directly to my personal email.

And just so you know, if you have an edit with dubstep music I will talk trash about how much I don’t like your song.