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2015: Rock Hill, SC, U.S.A – Elite Women’s Final

The elite women were putting it all on the line this weekend! Starting things off, it looked like most of the field got speed wobbles at the bottom of the hill. Mariana Pajon then comes out of nowhere on the inside and gives Alise Post a serious elbow in turn 1, causing Alise to go down. Honeslty, I’m surprised Mariana was able to make that line stick with the turns being so wet. Then you get a quick glimpse of of Alise doing the classic rip the goggles off after a crash.

Into turn 3, Mariana Pajon tries to make a pass on the outside. I think she got a little lucky that Stephanie Hernandez didn’t run her too wide into the turn because she still managed to get a good drive down the last straight. Here’s where things get a bit ruthless though. Mariana Pajon inches beside Hernandez who then clearly tries to push her off the track. Pajon is able to get in front first though and barely gets the win.

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