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2015 SX Santiago del Estero – Niek Kimmann GoPro

This video is about as close as I’ll ever get to taking a lap around a SX track. Niek Kimmann shows you the fast way around the track. Peep that pass in turn 2 during the semis! He couldn’t make it happen again in the main, but it was a solid performance nonetheless. I know I’d be stoked with a podium spot!

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Harrie Lavreysen – A New Chapter

I don’t want to spoil the video too much for you, but Harrie Lavreysen tells a story about how he raced with a dislocated shoulder and won a European championship race. That’s nuts! I feel for the dude though. He’s had a rough journey with dislocated shoulders, even both at the same time.

The shoulder injuries were nonstop and back to back. Harrie eventually had to make the decision to hang up the BMX bike and pursue track cycling. It seems like he’s got a good thing going and a solid group of coaches supporting his decision.

Shout out to Niek Kimmann for the video. Good work!

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Dutch National Team in SQY

I was scrolling through my Youtube feed and found this edit which features the same track as the last edit! The Dutch National Team, consisting of Merle van Benthem, Jay Schippers, Niels Bensink, Niek Kimmann, Mark Link, Twan van Gendt, and Jelle van Gorkom, took over the track for some heavy training sessions. The manual-jump-manual at 1:09 was dope!

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