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Filip Svanberg 2XU

This is worth watching for the most buttery jump to tap manual I’ve ever seen! Watch Filip Svanberg put down some solid lines after a training sesh.

Anyone else notice that he’s basically wearing running shorts with leggings underneath? Not sure if I’m into that, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s a look you start seeing pop up more often soon.

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Filip Svanberg in Alicante, Spain 2015

This edit of Filip Svanberg is going to make you want to get on the first flight to Spain. All the spots he rides look so perfect. This Alicante track pops up a lot here on Next Level. It’s one of those tracks that’s built to make you a better rider. If you can handle that track, you can handle anything. Also there’s a skatepark clip of Filip doing a nose bonk on a volcano riding a Carbon GT frame.

“Alicante, Spain is where you have the best conditions to train outdoors in europe during the winter, the sun is shining, good BMX tracks, much trails. You will never be disappointed here!
This is a video from my eight weeks long training camp here in Alicante.”

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