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#flashbackfriday – Super Girls 2000

Instead of Freestyle Friday I’m doing something a bit different this week. Here’s the Super Girls (comparable to Elite Women of today? I never raced NBL so I don’t know what exactly defined Super Girls) main from South Park in 2000. For comparison, here’s also a video of the Elite Women race in 2012:

Riding style has most definitely changed and is the obvious part of the video. The track has changed a bit too but if you time the races there’s only about a 2 second time difference. That’s actually a lot less than I expected. Take in to consideration that in 2000 everyone was on flat pedals and then ask yourself how the girls of today would stack up against the girls of 2000.

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USA BMX Disney Cup 2012 – Elite Women Day 3

If anyone is Friends with Rusty Dial on facebook, you’ve already seen these and 100 other videos he’s posted from this weekend along with a lap by lap report on his racing in the Vet Pro class. Check Caroline Buchanan put down some serious power and lead from start to finish in this one. I saw on instagram (maybe twitter) a post she made about the weak purse of only  $330 for an Elite Women main win. I have to agree, these ladies put in way too much work for such a small check. Here’s the results:


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