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Twan van Gendt Crash at Manchester

Twan Van Gendt

Whoever the dude is in the picture below must not like Twan van Gendt (twanvangendt). He punched him as he went up the lip of the double during Manchester practice.

Just kidding! As you can see in the video Twan just got a bit of bad luck as this dude stood up from crashing. Click through to see a picture of him flying through the air. (more…)

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UCI BMX Worlds 2013 Crashes

In Lloyd’s post yesterday he made a comment about the first turn taking it’s victims. This video puts it into better perspective. It’s unreal how tight this thing is! Any crash is bound to take out 3 or 4 riders. At the 2 minute mark you see two rider from the same country take each other out. I wonder if there was some bad blood from the beginning or if it was just some aggressive racing.

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2013 BMX National Australian Titles Junior Elite Men Epic Crash

Hayden Wright sent this over to me of this gnarly crash. The dude in the black gear (Jeremy Mclerie) somehow sends himself into a flip down the second straight and lands hard on his head and back. I think he’s just trying to be like Sam Willoughby, but didn’t land quite as smooth. In good news, word is he got up and walked away injury free.

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Brace Face

I knocked out my teeth at ABA Grands 2010 sending myself over the pro set. I told myself I wasn’t going to case it, and I didn’t. I remember pedaling into the lip, pulling back, and then realizing something wasn’t right. This is what happens when you think before hitting the lip of a jump.

I came off the lip a little sideways and knew I wouldn’t be landing on my wheels. I expected to baseball slide down the landing, but my front wheel caught and slammed my face into the ground resulting in 3 missing teeth. The nice guy who got me up handed 2 of them to my dad and the next thing I remember is being in the hospital.

Well, after quite a bit of pain, plenty of dentist visits, 20 months of braces for the second time, an implant, root canals, and even a nose surgery I’m finally back to “normal!” I got my braces off yesterday and got a nice mouth guard that I’ll be wearing anytime I’m on my bike.


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