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2015 USA BMX North American Supercross – Chula Vista Day 1 Mains

I got the start time for each main listed below with a few details from each race.

Super X Open 2:41:00

Shout out to Bryce Betts for getting the win in the open group! He killed it from start to finish!

A Pro: 2:43:50

Gnarly crash over the first jump! I definitely would not want to go down going that fast. Sean Gaian ends up with the win.

Elite Women: 2:58:00

Crain and Post go down over the first jump hard as well. I don’t know how Buchanan fired up the turbos on the last straight, but after a good drive out of the last turn she takes home the win.

Elite Men: 3:01:52

What’s up with Nic Long rolling the gate?! If you want to talk about gettin’ it, just watch Fields down the second straight. Willoughby tries to block him out in turn 2, but Fields makes the pass and never looks back.

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GT Bicycles at UCI BMX World Cup Chula Vista, CA

If you want to see some smooth riding, watch those first clips of Felicia Stancil. She’s got the Chula track dialed! Sean Gaian and Jordan Miranda also put down solid laps throughout the weekend and found their way to the front of the pack.

I was never really into the GT carbon bikes, but the one they’re all riding now looks pretty dialed in flat black! There’s some good shots of it in this edit too if you want to check it out.

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UCI BMX Supercross 2014 Chula Vista: Men and Women Final

Sam Willoughby takes home the win in the men’s final. That second jump on the second straight really mixed things up all weekend. It slows the entire pack down and really bunches up the racing into the transfer section. It lead to several passes this weekend. On a side note, who comes up with the nickname “the little magician?” Regardless of an interesting nickname, the dude can sure ride though and put in a solid effort to come from behind and get on the podium.

Mariana Pajon came out with a strong start, but Alise Post put some power down and managed to pull ahead. She held the lead for a few seconds until she jumped the triple into turn one while the rest of the ladies just doubled in. After watching this video, I think we all know which line is faster. Mariana Pajon puts down a buttery smooth lap, Caroline Buchanan passes Alise to get the two spot, and Alise gets the third to finish out the podium.

After a long 2014 season, Liam Phillips and Caroline Buchanan are the Supercross World Cup Champions!


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Renato Rezende Pump Lap at Chula Vista

When I do clinics at my local track, I always emphasize the pump lap. This takes pump laps to the next level (pun intended!). Renato Rezende makes it all the way around the Beijing replica track at Chula Vista with no pedals. Look at how hard he worked that first jump and then how he carved the entire first corner. Watch this for some inspiration and then go put down some pump laps at your local track tonight!

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