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Bellflower BMX Session by Barry Nobles

Connor Fields, Anthony Dean, Caroline Buchanan, and Barry Nobles put down some laps at Bellflower. Imagine watching this crew ride your local track! The new Bellflower layout looks sick and kind of looks like a SX track. There’s plenty of style to go around and be sure to watch Connor Fields come up short on a transfer! That’s not something you’re going to see too often. 

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Chasing A Rainbow… – BUCHANAN Next Gen

Becoming a Cycling World Champion you receive the elusive rainbow striped World Champion jersey.
The BUCHANAN Next Gen girls are aspiring to be world champions of the future guided and mentored by the current 5 time World Champion Caroline Buchanan. They are in the best hands to chase that rainbow, overcome adversity and find their pot of gold in their journey.
Finding their lucky Oakley goggles the girls are able to see their vision clearly through the lens which gives them confidence chasing their rainbow to be World Champions of the future.

Wishing the Next Gen girls Mikayla Rose & Paige Harding good luck at the upcoming BMX World Championships in Holland.
BUCHANAN Next Gen… more than just a girls team!
Keep your eyes posted for whats to come!

Brought to you by BOX Components

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BUCHANAN On Air – Ep 4 | Berlin Touristing & Winning

Cruise around Berlin with Caroline Buchanan in episode 4 of Buchanan on Air and see all the tourist sights. I feel like this episode is more of a headphones advertisement that just happens to feature BMX racing. There’s also some special guest clips by Barry Nobles and you can watch him cruise some dirt jumps with all the style in the world.

Caroline then walks you through her exciting win and her pass in the last turn at the Berlin SX race. This was a huge win to continue her domination of the SX series. I also didn’t realize she chose this race over trying to defend her world championship in 4 cross.



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Buchanan On Air – Episode 3 – Progression of womens BMX & World Cup #3 Papendal

This episode of Buchanan on Air focuses mainly on the progression of women’s racing. Someone in this video mentions that lap times for women have been cut by 4 seconds at Chula Vista. That’s amazing. There’s also some talk about how the girls side of the track could be more difficult, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s just one track in the near future. I can’t speak for the ladies, but I know that there’s some of them that are hitting the men’s side of the track now without any problems.

Also in the video, get a report and some good footage from Papendal as Caroline Buchanan takes you through the weekend. This video really does a good job of showing how track conditions deteriorated throughout the weekend.  Here’s what the description said:

“Head of the UCI BMX Supercross & GSX Johan Lindstrom, Barry Nobles & Australian National Team coach Wade Bootes talk about the progression of womens BMX.
Whilst World Champion & current World Cup series leader Caroline Buchanan recaps stop 3 of the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup in Papendal Holland.”


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Caroline Buchanan Wins BMX European National Grandson, Switzerland

While we were concerned about the Spring Nationals here in the states, Caroline Buchanan was dominating in Europe. She took home a win in Grandson, Switzerland which is one of the European national rounds. It was kind of a close race, but one Caroline jumped into turn one she built a stong lead and nobody was catching up.

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BUCHANAN On Air – Ep 2 | Caroline Buchanan BMX World Cup Win

Episode 2 of Caroline Buchanan’s series, Buchanan on Air, gives you the scoop of how her weekend went in Manchester a few weeks ago. Take a walk around the track and see what it really looks like to stand at the bottom of that first jump. Now that she mentioned it, I never noticed how steep that second straight is. In the slow-mo shots, look at how much they’re pushing through the lips.

“We obviously never do it for the prize money. We do it for the love of it.” When people chase the dollar, racing becomes a lot more and the pressure to get the win increases dramatically. With an attitude like this, it’s easy to see why Caroline is on top.

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Wide World Of Sport | Caroline Buchanan

You’ve probably noticed I’ve been posting a lot about Caroline Buchanan recently. She’s seriously stepped up her media game and there’s always fresh content on her Youtube Channel. It looks like she’s been making some big TV appearances like this one with Wide World of Sports where she talks about her most recent win in Manchester and the upcoming Australian National Championship.


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