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Buchanan On Air – Ep8 | Securing The BMX World Cup Title

If you need a quick lesson in setting goals and achieving them, Caroline Buchanan reveals all the secrets. She had a successful 2014 season that ended with winning the overall SX World Cup.

Caroline races her way onto the podium in the last stop of the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup season in Chula Vista California. 

2014 was a very successful World Cup season from Caroline. Starting off the year winning the first stop in Manchester and then went onto place 4th in Holland, 1st in Berlin, 7th in Argentina and with a large points lead placing 2nd in the last round in California and securing the overall World Cup Title.

Olympic Champion Maraina Pajon wound up the year in 2nd place ahead of Olympic Bronze Medalist Laura Smulders in 3rd.

Stay tuned for the final episode of #BUCHANANonAir coming soon with a whole 2014 season wrap up, plenty of lifestyle content as well as a teaser of whats to come and a sneak peak of unseen #BUCHANANonAir footage that will be airing in a one hour TV package on FOX Sport

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Buchanan On Air – Ep7 | Argentina BMX World Cup & Childrens Hospital Visit


Even with a rough weekend of racing, Caroline Buchanan still had a good time in Argentina. Check the crash at 5:42. Brutal!

Catch the action from stop 4 of the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup Series in Argentina. Caroline Buchanan claimed silver in the time trial qualification behind Mariana Pajon but in the final had a late gate start and ended up 7th. Check out the smiles on the children’s faces when Caroline visited a local children’s hospital with crayons, coloring books and a bike she donated from DK Bicycles. As well as giving some kids the opportunity to come watch the World Cup BMX action in person.

Caroline remains in the lead in the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup series with the last stop of the World Cup tour in San Diego California.

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BUCHANAN On Air – Ep6 | BMX Behind the Scenes

In this installment of Buchanan on Air, Caroline Buchanan takes you behind the scenes at a world cup race. The Australia team has the complete setup featuring mechanics, nutritionists, and a range of coaches. The entire weekend is pre-planned for the racers and they have plenty of tools at their disposal to get to the front of the pack. If you’ve never been to a world cup race, like me, it gives you a different perspective of how serious BMX racing can be.


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BUCHANAN On Air – Ep 4 | Berlin Touristing & Winning

Cruise around Berlin with Caroline Buchanan in episode 4 of Buchanan on Air and see all the tourist sights. I feel like this episode is more of a headphones advertisement that just happens to feature BMX racing. There’s also some special guest clips by Barry Nobles and you can watch him cruise some dirt jumps with all the style in the world.

Caroline then walks you through her exciting win and her pass in the last turn at the Berlin SX race. This was a huge win to continue her domination of the SX series. I also didn’t realize she chose this race over trying to defend her world championship in 4 cross.



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Buchanan On Air – Episode 3 – Progression of womens BMX & World Cup #3 Papendal

This episode of Buchanan on Air focuses mainly on the progression of women’s racing. Someone in this video mentions that lap times for women have been cut by 4 seconds at Chula Vista. That’s amazing. There’s also some talk about how the girls side of the track could be more difficult, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s just one track in the near future. I can’t speak for the ladies, but I know that there’s some of them that are hitting the men’s side of the track now without any problems.

Also in the video, get a report and some good footage from Papendal as Caroline Buchanan takes you through the weekend. This video really does a good job of showing how track conditions deteriorated throughout the weekend.  Here’s what the description said:

“Head of the UCI BMX Supercross & GSX Johan Lindstrom, Barry Nobles & Australian National Team coach Wade Bootes talk about the progression of womens BMX.
Whilst World Champion & current World Cup series leader Caroline Buchanan recaps stop 3 of the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup in Papendal Holland.”


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BUCHANAN On Air – Ep 2 | Caroline Buchanan BMX World Cup Win

Episode 2 of Caroline Buchanan’s series, Buchanan on Air, gives you the scoop of how her weekend went in Manchester a few weeks ago. Take a walk around the track and see what it really looks like to stand at the bottom of that first jump. Now that she mentioned it, I never noticed how steep that second straight is. In the slow-mo shots, look at how much they’re pushing through the lips.

“We obviously never do it for the prize money. We do it for the love of it.” When people chase the dollar, racing becomes a lot more and the pressure to get the win increases dramatically. With an attitude like this, it’s easy to see why Caroline is on top.

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Buchanan On Air – Episode 1 – Up Close & Personal With Caroline Buchanan

Get to know Caroline Buchanan better with this 6 minute interview she did for the first episode of Buchanan on Air. Catch up from all the way back in 2011 to the 2014 season and everything in between, including her 2 world championships in 2013. There’s stories of wins, losses, and even some facts that you may have not known about Caroline.


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