2015 USA BMX North American Supercross – Chula Vista Day 1 Mains

I got the start time for each main listed below with a few details fromĀ each race.

Super X Open 2:41:00

Shout out to Bryce Betts for getting the win in the open group! He killed it from start to finish!

A Pro: 2:43:50

Gnarly crash over the first jump! I definitely would not want to go down going that fast. Sean Gaian ends up with the win.

Elite Women: 2:58:00

Crain and Post go down over the first jump hard as well. I don’t know how Buchanan fired up the turbos on the last straight, but after a good drive out of the last turn she takes home the win.

Elite Men: 3:01:52

What’s up with Nic Long rolling the gate?! If you want to talk about gettin’ it, just watch Fields down the second straight. Willoughby tries to block him out in turn 2, but Fields makes the pass and never looks back.

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