Tioga BMX Race Recap – UCI BMX SX World Cup #4 – Argentina

Tioga tires always find their way to the front of the pack. It would be interesting to see what percentage of riders are running them, because it seems like they sponsor a good portion of the field.

Lets take a look back at Round #4 of the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup, where Tioga Pro riders won both the Elite Men’s and Women’s Time Trial and Race events over the weekend!

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Chase BMX Race Recap – UCI BMX Supercross #4 Argentina

Chase has put together one of the strongest teams in BMX. Their frames are always leading the pack or at least on the podium. Catch up with their heavy hitters in Argentina in this one.

Join us through the journey of the Chase BMX Pro Team at the 2015 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup #4 in Santiago Del Estero, Argentina.

Relive the victory for Connor Fields in the Saturday Time Trial and watch as Connor, Anthony Dean, and Stefany Hernandez all make their way into the main event for the race.


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2015: Santiago Del Estero, Argentina – Renato Rezende GoPro

I think one thing that separates amateur racing from pro racing is how close everyone rides. The first turn is the biggest difference. An elite men first turn is about as close as BMX racing gets. These guys are hanging on where most of us would be grabbing brake.

I guess that comes with some trust that the rider in front of you knows what they’re doing. It’s also interesting to see how they all take slightly offset lines through the gapped jumps as well. There’s no way to pass if you’re directly following someone.

Make sure to watch that last semi lap. Moves were made all over and Renato fought until the end, but wasn’t able to make it happen.

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BMX Plus

The end of an era has come, and BMX Plus! is printing their final issue. I remember being so stoked as a kid when a new issue would come in the mail. I actually bought my first trail bike based on one of their many bike reviews. Times have certainly changed and this news honestly comes as no surprise.

Here’s what they said on their website:

After almost sixteen years at BMX Plus! which is about to turn 37, I am very saddened to say that the magazine will be officially closing its doors. It has been an amazing ride for me, from growing up reading the mag, to being able to run it for a decade and a half. It has been an honor. Hats off to Hi-Torque Publications for supporting the magazine based on a pure love for the sport for so many years. I am bummed we couldn’t bring you at least one more issue, but I am proud of all the content we have been able to bring to the sport. Our main focus now is to ensure the archives live on and that the public can continue to benefit from the history BMX Plus! has dating back to 1976. Thanks to all the fans, readers, staff, riders, contributors and companies that have supported BMX Plus! all these years. I never dreamed I would be the one sending it off but on such short notice, I am kind of at a loss for what to say. Enough angry emails may be enough to get a digital version of the final issue released, but either way, this will be the last cover. Special thanks to Chris Arriaga for hanging in the final years and former Editor Adam Booth for teaching me all I know.

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2015 SX Santiago del Estero – Niek Kimmann GoPro

This video is about as close as I’ll ever get to taking a lap around a SX track. Niek Kimmann shows you the fast way around the track. Peep that pass in turn 2 during the semis! He couldn’t make it happen again in the main, but it was a solid performance nonetheless. I know I’d be stoked with a podium spot!

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“Anonymous Man” submitted this edit of “just few Lithuanian riders” ripping around the local track. It kinda blows my mind that people all the way from Lithuania are checking out Next Level and are willing to submit. This edit is rad, and you should watch it. The head on drone shots are sick.

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Freestyle Friday – Brian Foster in Holy Fit

It’s a Brian Foster video, do I really need to say anything catchy to convince you to watch it? It’s got it all from park, trails, and even a few street clips. Brian has been ripping longer than most of us reading this description have been alive and that’s fine by me. He’s not letting age slow him down one bit! Just peep all those whips in the woods. Butterrrrr!

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Amanda Carr Racing in Sweden & Colorado

Amanda Carr continues to be putting in work to secure her Olympic spot for Thialand. This vid has got some clips from training at home and racing in Sweden and Colorada. She overcame the rain in Sweden and put up some good results. There’s quite a few clips of her making passes in the second straight. Somehow she managed to keep it smooth when everyone else was struggling. She then followed that up with a podium spot in Colorado.

I thought it was pretty interesting to see her training with more “traditional” athletes. Kind of makes you wonder if it’s necessary to make your training entirely BMX specific or if you should be training like an all around athlete.


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