Worlds 2010 Photobook

You can download my free photobook from the 2010 Worlds here and if you are looking for the story behind it click on…

I was going to cover Worlds for Fatbmx anyway so was stoked when a magazine emailed me asking if I could shoot the event for them. Easy money to hang out at the track. Maybe not as easy as I initially thought as the UCI wanted me to shoot from some distant building with no track access. Then shortly after they said they reserve the right to revoke my media pass if more important media people arrived. Nothing like being made to feel welcome and strengthen media relations.  I got track access in the end but the UCI was sure to make it known it was a privilege. The following few days I ended up being bored out of my mind so started shooting additional photographs trying to work on a creative angle which I don’t often see with BMX Racing. I worked for a whole week getting $20 from the magazine for my efforts and they only used 2 of my photos. So I ended up screwed over by yet another magazine (whose name I cant even remember now) and had all these photos sitting on my machine. I edited them all together, created a score to go over it and gave it out for free. Why not. Nobody else had ever done a project like this before. Please be sure to read the instructions in order for the book to work as it was intended. Download it, steal the photos, delete it, link it, copy the idea, go wild but please observe the Creative Commons license it is held under which means all you have to do is give me (Lloyd Ramsay) photo credit. Thanks for downloading.

Very special thanks to my buddy Tom Clark from Design Your Code for hosting my book and creating the rad website. Tom also rides BMX.

Thanks also to Jon Sherwood aka Sir Merlin for creative feedback. Jon also rides BMX.

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