On The Level: Scherpen and crew

Here it is, our first ever On The Level video with some Dutch riders. The premise: riders film footage of themselves having fun and shredding the track, they send us the footage and we turn it into an edit for our On The Level series. After the jump I wrote up a “making of” how I edited the footage…

The audio was a simple option since there was none with the slow mo shots (which is standard) and I had the usual stuck-in-a-glass-cage-of-emotion constant knocking of the GoPro which you can do nothing with. Only solution I saw was to remove all the sound and only have the song play over everything.

I chose the song because I knew its tempo would be suited and timed well with most of the rushes being in slow motion. Its a very obscure song and that is also on purpose so there is no association with any other images when you watch it.

I color graded each shot individually. Sometimes to bring the rider out or sometimes to bring out the details in the track. The footage the riders shot was on a GoPro (I assume the 3rd generation one due to the sharpish image for a GoPro) and another camera which may have been a Sony. All the slow-mo shots were done on this camera. Almost every shot has the saturation turned down to make it look sharper.
24:19 – Is this the first (kind of) Visual Effects shot in a BMX racing edit ever? I think it is. The original already had some lens flare in it but I wanted to add even more to match the feel of the song breakdown playing over it. I took the original clip and turned the saturation right down because later on I wanted my post production lens flare to be more prominent. From there I sent it to After Effects and added the lens flare using keyframes to track where the sun was to keep the effect accurate. Since the lens flare was not desaturated it is the only element with real color and hence pops out a bit.
39:00 – I retimed this shot to sync up cleaner with the song. Maybe it was luck or they did it on purpose but somehow they all managed to get their pedals in at the exact same time.
44:20 – The original clip had the start gate at an angle and there was a shadow I did not like so I tilted the frame to be straight and obviously increased the scale of it so as to remove the shadow and black edges caused from the tilt. When I exported the final video my color grade on this clip caused massive Artifacting so I removed it. Artificating is ugly as hell and Linkin Park even tried to use it to artistic effect in this music video.
1:10:00 – How did I made him vanish and reappear like that? This is the part that I hoped while editing people would go back and look at again to try figure out. There are actually 2 different shots in play: one from behind the rider and one from the riders perspective. Guy rides and then I match as best I can a frame from the other camera angle and overlay it for a short time. The color grading helps match things up and make it seem a bit more seamless.
1:37:53 – This was another slow-mo shot and all I did was double the clip speed. This method became very popular after that movie 300 came out directed by Zack Snyder and its called “Speed Ramping”.

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