Next Level Spring Break Florida Trip

This is what BMX is all about. Myself, my cousin, and two friends road tripped to Florida to ride as many spots as possible. With pretty much no direction other than knowing when tracks were open, we just went for it. There was no seriousness like traveling across the country to go to a national, no schedule like a clinic tour, just a rough outline of where we wanted to go and a week to do it in.

We departed from Houston, Texas on March 9th and finished up the trip on the 16th. We went to Kona Skate park in Jacksonville, ORL BMX in Orlando, Skate Park of Tampa and Tampa BMX in Tampa, up to Gainesville to a skatepark, then finished up the tour of Florida in Fort Walton Beach. In case you missed it, you can get the daily report I took while on the trip here.

Huge thanks to every single track operator along the way, every local from every spot, Matt from Hot Wheelz, the lady cop in Louisiana, Red Bull Dave at Kona, the Red Carpet Inn, every car that had a 26.2 sticker, the girls we scared with the van, the guy that tried to fight Nick at the 7-11, Starbucks for having free wi-fi, the sketchy homeless dudes at the  Beach and Peach trails, that lady from Starbucks who told us we stayed in the roughest neighborhood in Orlando, those people who let us shower in their front yard, Kate’s Fish Camp, the Jesus freaks, Best Western, and everything else I can’t remember right now, and last but not least Lloyd for doing the editing work for me.

And an even bigger thanks to Emmett Bonner, Nick Cali, and Shane Thorson for going on this trip with me. I also can’t thank Axtion-Sports enough because they loaned us the van. And my parents for helping this trip happen by paying for gas for my birthday. Best time of my life for sure and I can’t wait to do it again!

The dudes I went with told me to give thanks to myself, so here’s a big thanks to myself and every person who has ever checked Next Level to make something like this possible!

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