Mad Skills BMX Review

I play a lot of video games but can never recall a game that has ever been 100% dedicated to our sport. There was some press releases years back about a BMX Racing game which never materialized so I was stoked when I saw Mad Skills BMX arriveā€¦

You might have heard of the folks from Turborilla before since they are the very same team that produced Mad Skills Motocross. Chances are pretty good you have already heard of this game so granted this review is a little late, but since we only have 1 legit BMX Racing game in the world, why not.

First thing you notice is that they have gotten actual brands from the BMX world involved like Fly Racing, Supercross and others like Red Bull, GoPro and Kicker. Don’t let the cartoonish design of the game throw you off because they did an excellent job with the physics for a touch screen game. Not an easy feat. Pulling a manual is definitely easier on my iPad than on the track but the jumping and scrubbing adds in a level of difficulty. This game is frustrating at times. When I try get the gold medal awarded fastest lap time on a track I ask myself “failed again, yet how can I go any faster”. Getting all the tracks dialed in takes time. Luckily they have an I-messed-up-my-run-again-quick-reset-button at the top of the screen which resets your race quickly. This option was added to the game for people like me.

The tracks offer quite a lot of variety and if you like/follow/register with Mad Skills BMX on any of their social media you get some free tracks. Pretty good deal. As you progress through the levels in the game the tracks obviously become more technical and the hessian you race against gradually becomes faster. The side scrolling design of the game was first seen in the classic NES title Excite Bike and still works to this day. The difference here is you never see any AI riders appear out of nowhere and jump over your head like a pissed off Ricky Carmichael.

I have seen a lot of BMX games appear in the iTunes store and if I see one more stick-man-physics game appear I will puke. Turborilla is an indie game maker and have done an excellent job with this game. Just look at the trailer! They even used a track by Strung Out (who have long time Motocross ties).
If you want extra tracks or riders you can purchase them in game and although sadly there is a lack of tournaments like in Mad Skills MX, you can link up with Facebook and challenge friends. I would have preferred a lap record system running on Game Center since I think FB is the antichrist and don’t use it.

Overall Mad Skills is an awesome game. Clean graphics, well balanced game engine and you can even backflip mid race to gain speed!

You can get the game in the iTunes store by clicking here
If you wanted to add me on Game Center for IOS: seventotheone(AT)

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  1. Awesome, thanks for the post! FYI, the reason we can’t use Game Center for leaderboards is because they limit the number of boards you can have to 20. We have way more tracks than that, so it just isn’t possible. We used to use OpenFeint for this (in Mad Skills Motocross), but OF has gone out of business, so that’s not an option either. So we had to develop something of our own, and FB was the best method for us. We do have ideas to expand this in the future, though, allowing players to connect via different methods. Stay tuned.