Caroline Buchanan Documentary

Sit down for 50 minutes and get to know goes on behind the scenes with Caroline Buchanan. The video has a pretty big focus on racing and training, as you’d expect, but also features plenty of off the bike stuff. My favorite part is around the 26 minute mark where Caroline discusses her start in mountain bikes and BMX. It’s also funny how they use footage from Mariana Pajon’s GoPro to show Caroline passing her in Berlin last year.

“24 year old Caroline Buchanan embarks on the 2014 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup series with one goal in mind.
Take a ride with Caroline as she travels around the globe & secures the BMX World Cup Title.

Caroline takes you behind the scenes in this one hour documentary of what its like to be a 5x World Champion action sport female chasing gold.

Check out her track in her backyard, adrenaline junkie down time and unseen footage securing the World Cup title.”

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