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2015 USA BMX North American Supercross – Chula Vista Day 1 Mains

I got the start time for each main listed below with a few details from each race.

Super X Open 2:41:00

Shout out to Bryce Betts for getting the win in the open group! He killed it from start to finish!

A Pro: 2:43:50

Gnarly crash over the first jump! I definitely would not want to go down going that fast. Sean Gaian ends up with the win.

Elite Women: 2:58:00

Crain and Post go down over the first jump hard as well. I don’t know how Buchanan fired up the turbos on the last straight, but after a good drive out of the last turn she takes home the win.

Elite Men: 3:01:52

What’s up with Nic Long rolling the gate?! If you want to talk about gettin’ it, just watch Fields down the second straight. Willoughby tries to block him out in turn 2, but Fields makes the pass and never looks back.

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2015: Rock Hill, SC, U.S.A – Elite Women’s Final

The elite women were putting it all on the line this weekend! Starting things off, it looked like most of the field got speed wobbles at the bottom of the hill. Mariana Pajon then comes out of nowhere on the inside and gives Alise Post a serious elbow in turn 1, causing Alise to go down. Honeslty, I’m surprised Mariana was able to make that line stick with the turns being so wet. Then you get a quick glimpse of of Alise doing the classic rip the goggles off after a crash.

Into turn 3, Mariana Pajon tries to make a pass on the outside. I think she got a little lucky that Stephanie Hernandez didn’t run her too wide into the turn because she still managed to get a good drive down the last straight. Here’s where things get a bit ruthless though. Mariana Pajon inches beside Hernandez who then clearly tries to push her off the track. Pajon is able to get in front first though and barely gets the win.

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2015: Santiago Del Estero, Argentina – Renato Rezende GoPro

I think one thing that separates amateur racing from pro racing is how close everyone rides. The first turn is the biggest difference. An elite men first turn is about as close as BMX racing gets. These guys are hanging on where most of us would be grabbing brake.

I guess that comes with some trust that the rider in front of you knows what they’re doing. It’s also interesting to see how they all take slightly offset lines through the gapped jumps as well. There’s no way to pass if you’re directly following someone.

Make sure to watch that last semi lap. Moves were made all over and Renato fought until the end, but wasn’t able to make it happen.

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2015 SX Santiago del Estero – Niek Kimmann GoPro

This video is about as close as I’ll ever get to taking a lap around a SX track. Niek Kimmann shows you the fast way around the track. Peep that pass in turn 2 during the semis! He couldn’t make it happen again in the main, but it was a solid performance nonetheless. I know I’d be stoked with a podium spot!

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Elite Mains – 2015 UCI SX World Cup: Angelholm

If you weren’t able to catch this live, Next Level has you covered! Watch both of the Elite mains because they’re both excellent races. Both wins come from gate 1, but the best part of these races is 2nd and 3rd, especially in the woman’s race. There’s plenty of action going on behind Post and all sorts of moves get made in turn 2.

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