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Freestyle Friday – E.J. Dorrian X Leo Furmansky Spring 2015

When I’m not riding at the track, I’m usually cruising the streets, skateparks, pools, or wherever with Leo Furmansky. Here’s a couple clips from all over the Austin, Texas area we filmed this spring. Pretty stoked on this one because it’s got a clip of the first pool I rode. Leo’s first and last clips were pretty nuts too and fun to film.

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New Next Level BMX Pocket T Shirts

Pocket T

I just added these new Next Level pocket T’s to the webstore. Pick one up while they last!

This time around they’re professionally printed by Longview Garage and on nice Canvas shirts that are a dry fit material. Each shirt purchase helps keep Next Level running (websites aren’t free, you know!). Every order will also come with a handful of stickers. Thanks for the support!

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Central Texas BMX – Next Level BMX Original

Late last year I filmed at Central Texas BMX with Johnny Culbreth, Mike Gonzalez, Matt Kelty, Aaron Ross, Tanner Sebesta, and Jake Trevino during a few windy practice sessions and finally put the footage together. These dudes made the most of it pulled some good lines on a fresh track. The sessions have been few and far between since then, but we’re all looking forward to having a track to regularly ride again.

Be sure to check that clip of Jake Trevino dipping it over the step up into turn 2. I posted a photo of it on instagram and everyone seemed stoked on that one.

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Photo Feature: Lee Lewis



I couldn’t find much for video content to post today, so I thought I’d dig back into the Next Level archives and shine some light on a photo that probably hasn’t been seen in a while. This shot of Lee Lewis going into turn 2 at DeSoto comes from a gallery I originally posted of the 2014 Texas State Championships shot by Leo Furmansky.

Rather than some sort of sloppy jump-manual combination that most people do over this triple, Lee takes the high route and jumps the whole thing. Even in full race mode, Lee has some of the best style in the game. I don’t remember what the outcome of this lap was, but I’m sure Lee was quickly gaining ground on whoever is leading.

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Bike Check – Aric Carney’s S&M Speedwagon

When I first saw Aric Carney’s new build on Facebook, I knew I had to feature it on Next Level. The S&M Speedwagon chromoly frame might not be the lightest on the market, but it definitely tops the list as one of the best looking (especially with the chrome).

This setup is about as American Made as you can get, featuring a majority of S&M and Profile parts. Initially I thought the rims were blue, but it’s actually a blue wall Vee Speedster tire which goes well with the rest of the blue anodized components.

If bike features are something you’d like to see more of, drop me an email or leave a comment and let me know!

Check below for a complete list of parts.  (more…)

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Next Level’s Top 10 BMX Racing Edits of 2014

Post image

BMX racing is often defined by a 30 second lap, but a lot of work goes into that lap at the local track. That’s really what I like to see in a video, and I imagine the same goes for you if you’re reading this. When I compiled this year’s list, I looked for edits that let the riding do the speaking. It’s pretty easy to find a good filmer and a drone to make some good shots, but if you’re riding the same way as everyone else it says nothing.

Thanks to everyone who filmed an edit that I posted. I couldn’t do it without y’all!

Here’s my list of top 10 videos of 2014 that featured riders taking BMX racing to the next level:

  1. Denis Teullet – Winter 2014 – This is, by far, the best riding in 2014. I can’t say enough good things about this edit. Every single clip is quality. You just have to watch it. I can’t even just pick out one clip to keep your eyes open for.
  2. 327vs11 – Justin Kimmann and Jordy van der Heijden – Here’s another edit with no fill. Every single clip is impressive. If you’re into manuals, this one is for you. Watch the jump-manual-jump line at 1:05.
  3. Steven Cisar: The Missing Years– This was one of my favorite videos to come out in 2014 even though it features less riding than the rest. Steven Cisar wasn’t afraid to say it like it is and give the world some insight into his battle with addiction.
  4. Joey Gough France BMX Road Trip 2014 – Joey Gough lives the dream. Every edit she posts is her and the rest of the crew having the best time possible riding the best spots. I usually drop whatever I’m doing to watch her edits when they come out. If this doesn’t get you stoked to ride, I don’t know what will!
  5. Bruno Cardoso at Limonest – Bruno Cardos is one of the younger riders on the list at just 15 years old when this edit came out. I don’t think that’s a bad thing. Kids are always willing to send it and ride with the “nothing to lose mentality.” You can definitely see that in the big transfer and lines he puts together.
  6. Tyler Whitfield HQ – Watching Tyler rip around Rockford never gets old. He knows that track better than anyone and has got the moves to prove it. What makes this edit so impressive is that it’s pretty much all at full speed. Everything he does in this video could be done in a race and he’d still pull you.
  7. Corey Walsh California 2014 – This is probably the most stylish edit on the list. Corey’s whips are about as sideways as they get.
  8. Alejandro Alcojor 2014 – Everything in the middle is good, but the first and last clip is what got me stoked on this video. I must have watched the first clip 10 times when it first came out.
  9. Nick Fox 2014 – The list wouldn’t be complete without a mention of Nick Fox. To come up with a never been done line is pretty difficult on a race track, but I’m pretty sure he does the first nose manual to nose manual in an edit.
  10. Jayce Cunning 2014 – The last three clips are pretty impressive. There’s plenty of smooth riding and big triples to keep anyone entertained.

I went ahead and embedded the videos here so you don’t have to open 10 tabs to watch them all. (more…)

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Freestyle Friday – Next Level BMX X Bodega – Leo Furmansky

I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t leave the house to ride without a video camera. It only makes sense that I film an edit with Leo Furmansky considering I ride with him a couple times a week anyways. In addition to Austin, Texas clips in his hometown, we went on trips to Dallas and Houston to explore the streets. No ledge in Texas is safe from Leo’s pegs!

My favorite two clips start at 1:14 with the bank to bank hop in front of the house and then the smith grind on the bank ledge. I’ve been into New York street videos lately and I feel like those clips would fit perfectly in an Animal video.

Leo kills it in the streets, but he’s also got a lot of talent behind the lens. You can take a look at his photography site here, and also give him a follow on instagram (@thebodegas).

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By The Rider For The Riders

Next Level

Yesterday you might have seen my post on various social networks featuring this image. Long story short, one of the larger BMX media websites that focuses strictly on news has now crossed into the world of video. To be 100% honest, I’m a little bit bitter because I feel like my toes are getting stepped on.

Rather than a drawn out post about how I don’t believe that this website didn’t know Next Level existed, I’d like to thank every single person who has ever visited Next Level over the past two years. It means a lot. I put this much work into Next Level because I love BMX racing and I believe that more media content, such as videos, is what our sport needs to grow.

Two years ago I noticed BMX racing lacking a space that posted videos. It was also lacking a space that wasn’t full of dads asking ridiculous questions about their 6 year old’s gear ratio or complaining that their home track sucks. It was lacking something that was true to the riders. Instead of getting boring race reports and stories about sponsor changes, I wanted a place that a rider could relate to. In May of 2012, I decided to do something about it and that’s when I started Next Level.

This post is just a reminder that Next Level is out there to support you. I’m not putting any cash in my pocket. I’m not making money off your video. I’m not trying to take your video with prizes. I’m simply giving BMX racing the website that I think it needs. I want to see your video succeed, your sponsors to see your video succeed, and your riding to get the recognition it deserves.

I don’t need my website to be “brought to you by” anybody to motivate me to post. I’m a rider that’s here for the rider, not the advertiser. Next Level is brought to you by you. Regardless of money, I’m still going to be sitting behind my computer watching your videos and finding ways to travel to ride my bike.

And to the operator of the website that wrote the article above, if you don’t know about Next Level now you know.


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Rad Canyon 2014

This summer, I took a week long trip out to Salt Lake City, Utah and was lucky enough to get to ride at Rad Canyon twice while I was there. The local scene out there was amazing and I got to watch a “small” race night with over 30 motos. The track was buttery smooth despite a solid week of rain. I brought the GoPro along and filmed a couple clips of myself cruising the track and got some of the locals to let the whips fly down the second straight.

Thanks to everyone I met out there and all the rad dudes I filmed with! Hopefully I can see y’all again soon!

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Doublecross Frame Patent – “Proof our Design Is Stiffer”

Doublecross patent

Yesterday this popped up on my Facebook feed and I found it intersting. I did a little digging and found the patent. Here’s the abstract:

A bicycle frame comprising: a head, top, down and seat tubes along with a bottom bracket; a pair of seat and lower chain stays; and a pair of upper chain stays, the upper chain stays attached to at least one frame component selected from the down tube, the seat tube, and the bottom bracket, whereby, the addition of the upper chain stays adds rigidity to the frame to resist torque forces applied to the bottom bracket.

I’ll give them that it adds rigidity. It doesn’t take much knowledge to know that adding some extra beef to the rear end (in their case, an extra chain stay) will stiffen up the bike.

I think saying “proof that our design is stiffer” is taking this claim way too far though. I don’t buy it at all because I don’t see any proof in the patent. The patent is specifically for the design of a frame with an additional chain stay that claims to add rigidity. A design and a claim is not proof.

I won’t believe their claim until I see some side by side comparisons between a Doublecross and other frames currently on the market. Even a simple FEA analysis posted alongside the post above would give them more credibility. I don’t think a company should be presenting claims like this with no numbers to back them up.

Also, the words “power transfer” don’t show up in the patent. It talks about rigidity, but never directly mentions power transfer.

To test it, you’d have to put a strain gauge (or even one of those power meters that road bike riders use) on the cranks and another one at the rear wheel to calculate the efficiency (Pwheel/Pcranks). You could also divide out weight to give a power efficiency to weight ratio to make it entirely fair in a side-by-side comparison between brands. That would be an interesting test to see how their bike actually compares to others.

Also, here’s a list of 15 patents I found that aren’t so great. Just because you have a patent doesn’t mean you have a great invention.

Think I’m right? Think I’m wrong? Leave a comment below and let us know how you feel.


I also found this test rig online if anyone is really interested on testing this frame.


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