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Tangent Open Mazarron

Hector Gomez hit me with a press release about an upcoming race Mazarron, Spain. I know I’ve got a few people from outside of the states who check Next Level that might be interested in this. The event looks dope. If you’re interested, you can hit up their website for all of the details!

With the Mazarron Town Hall, Cronomur and Tangent Products Spain, we have the pleasure of organize this first Open of BMX in Mazarrón, for promote this sweet track and we wish to become in one of most national popular races, and too international races. We take this opportunity to invite to all the national and international clubs and riders to participate on this great BMX party!

See you 23rd and 24th of January 2016 on this great race.

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Riders Come Together to Demand Changes on Rio 2016 Track

Is cyclocross an Olympic sport? Judging by this wall, it definitely is. Glad to see the riders speak up get what’s best for them. What’s the point of building a jump so big that it’ll be impossible for all 8 riders to make it through?

I read that they’re going to make some changes for the track and try to ride it Sunday. Should be interesting to see what they come up with.

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BMX Plus

The end of an era has come, and BMX Plus! is printing their final issue. I remember being so stoked as a kid when a new issue would come in the mail. I actually bought my first trail bike based on one of their many bike reviews. Times have certainly changed and this news honestly comes as no surprise.

Here’s what they said on their website:

After almost sixteen years at BMX Plus! which is about to turn 37, I am very saddened to say that the magazine will be officially closing its doors. It has been an amazing ride for me, from growing up reading the mag, to being able to run it for a decade and a half. It has been an honor. Hats off to Hi-Torque Publications for supporting the magazine based on a pure love for the sport for so many years. I am bummed we couldn’t bring you at least one more issue, but I am proud of all the content we have been able to bring to the sport. Our main focus now is to ensure the archives live on and that the public can continue to benefit from the history BMX Plus! has dating back to 1976. Thanks to all the fans, readers, staff, riders, contributors and companies that have supported BMX Plus! all these years. I never dreamed I would be the one sending it off but on such short notice, I am kind of at a loss for what to say. Enough angry emails may be enough to get a digital version of the final issue released, but either way, this will be the last cover. Special thanks to Chris Arriaga for hanging in the final years and former Editor Adam Booth for teaching me all I know.

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Dr. Jason Richardson’s Book, It’s All BS

It's All BS Book

Bryce Betts hit me up to let me know that former BMX Racer, Jason Richardson, got his book, It’s All BS, on shelves and in online retailers. It’s rad to see someone transfer from BMX to author of a book that has the potential to make it on the bestseller’s list. If you’re looking for a bit of motivation, the Amazon reviews say this is the book for you!

“As you may know I have been working with Dr. Jason Richardson on his first book, It’s All BS (Belief Systems).

I am very thankful for the opportunity I had designing the cover, as well completing 10 illustrations within the covers. 

The ‪#‎itsallbsbook‬ project is the first, of my knowledge, to be completed entirely of BMX talent for the mainstream.

And I’m happy to say the long awaited day has finally come!

We launched the book this morning –

“It’s All BS! We’re All Wrong And You’re All Right!” is now available as a paper back and ebook on several retail outlets online.

Please take a moment to click here and purchase as many copies, printed or Kindle versions, as you can TODAY, Tuesday, July 7th, to help boost us up in the Amazon Rankings — on the way to being a New York Times Best Seller.

Please copy/post this on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn TODAY (Tuesday, July 7th, especially):

It’s here! Buy #ItsALLBSbook e-book and paper back!!

Thank you in advance. Your support is appreciated.”

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Rebel Run’s BMX Olympics

I couldn’t have said that introduction better myself. Travis Postany of Rebel Run is looking to bring back the spark in BMX from the days before the “cookie cutter” track. The Rebel Run crew has put together the BMX Olympics to put your BMX skills to the test and to find out who is the best overall rider. They’ve got ten different events lined up that will use all of Rebel Run’s facilities to crown a champion team.

I know I’ll be out there with the Next Level Cam catching all of the action and might even sign up to ride. This is definitely something you don’t want to miss if you’re anywhere near the Houston area. Full details below:

Rebel Runs first annual BMX Olympics – Get a team of 4 together, name your team, make awesome uniforms
– This event is for everyone, racers, trail riders, park riders, street riders,
– Girls, Boys under 11, and Guys over 40, points count as double, you want these people on your team
– 10 events, every team member will compete in every event
– The events will be structured for experienced riders as well as beginners so all are welcome to compete
– Prizes and giveaways for everyone, medals for 1st 2nd and 3rd place teams and 1st will have their team name, and names engraved on the Rebel Run Olympic Cup that will be on display at camp
– We will serve lunch and have drinks for the whole day
– Date July 18th
– Time 10:00am
– Cost $250.00 per team
– Register your team at


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Clickhole – We Asked 22 BMX Riders About The Saddest Place They Ever Did A Wheelie

Wheelie DR

Clickhole, The Onion’s version of clickbait sites like Buzzfeed, asked 22 of the top BMX riders where the saddest place they’ve ever done a wheelie was. BMX racing’s own Donny Robinson got in on the fun and and answered with “What are you talking about?”

You can check out the rest of the responses here.


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UCI BMX to Introduce The Double Dice 2015

If you’ve followed Next Level for a while you’d know that I’m a bit skeptical when it comes to “big news” things like this. I don’t want to come off as too negative and resistant to change. I think it’s great that UCI is willing to dump a few more bucks into the prize purse.

Will “double your money from gate 8” make racing more interesting? Will racers be eager do line up in gate 8? They pay schedule (converted from the UCI website to US Dollars) looks like this:

  1. $2864
  2. $1664
  3. $998
  4. $798
  5. $664
  6. $598
  7. $498
  8. $398

With the new system a win from gate 8 would put $5729 in your pocket.

From 8 you run a risk of getting bunched up in the first turn. Even with a bit of a lead it’s common to go from first to mid pack or even last through the first turn if you start on the outside. You’re also letting the next fastest rider line up inside of you for sure.

I don’t think I’d go for it if I had the fastest qualifying time and could choose between gate 1 and gate 8. It’s quite a bit of money to gamble with considering you could go from $2864 to $398 pretty easily if the first turn gets wild. It just doesn’t seem worth it.

You could work through the numbers and really analyze the statistics on racing and lane choice if you wanted to. That would be a fun project! Is anyone out there really keeping stats on BMX races?

I think it’s a way of UCI trying to make racing more interesting. It’ll give the announcers more to talk about and something to make the fans sit on the edge of the seats. I don’t think they’ll get enough riders going for it other than Maris Strombergs who consistently chooses gate 8. It’ll be an added bonus if you end up with gate 8 and have nothing to lose, but I doubt we’ll see many riders opting for gate 8.

What do you think? If you had first gate choice would you be lining up in 8?


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Hilltop Ranch Trail Jam on January 3rd

Hilltop ranch Trails

Word is that the Hilltop Ranch facility will be having a trail jam on January 3rd to kick off the new year right. I’m going to try and be out there with the Next Level cameras filming and riding if my shoulder is up to it by then. If you’re anywhere near the Houston, Texas area you should come check it out! Here’s what the Hilltop Ranch Facebook post said:

Attention all riders, family, and friends!! Saturday, January 3rd Hilltop is hosting a
Jam out at the trails. There will be a DJ, drinks, free product, and a awesome time! This Jam will be FREE of cost, all we want is for everyone to have a good time. Times are not set yet, but we are thinking noon and will ride all night long. Bring your family, friends, chairs, and any extra drink and food you want, the riders will be putting on a show. Even if you don’t ride we would love for you to join. I promise you won’t want to miss it. Let’s kick off 2015 the right way! Message us for any questions.

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Help the Elite Women Raise Money for Equal Payout at Grands

Since USA BMX isn’t going to give Elite Women equal pay to Elite Men, Ride Like a Girl (I’m pretty sure Carley Young is the driving force behind this) stepped up and is taking charge to get the women riders the pay they deserve. Shout out for the ladies of BMX for doing something rather than just complaining! This is what I like to see. Go buy a shirt and support your favorite elite woman. Head over to the Ride Like a Girl webstore to buy a shirt.

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