UCI BMX to Introduce The Double Dice 2015

If you’ve followed Next Level for a while you’d know that I’m a bit skeptical when it comes to “big news” things like this. I don’t want to come off as too negative and resistant to change. I think it’s great that UCI is willing to dump a few more bucks into the prize purse.

Will “double your money from gate 8″ make racing more interesting? Will racers be eager do line up in gate 8? They pay schedule (converted from the UCI website to US Dollars) looks like this:

  1. $2864
  2. $1664
  3. $998
  4. $798
  5. $664
  6. $598
  7. $498
  8. $398

With the new system a win from gate 8 would put $5729 in your pocket.

From 8 you run a risk of getting bunched up in the first turn. Even with a bit of a lead it’s common to go from first to mid pack or even last through the first turn if you start on the outside. You’re also letting the next fastest rider line up inside of you for sure.

I don’t think I’d go for it if I had the fastest qualifying time and could choose between gate 1 and gate 8. It’s quite a bit of money to gamble with considering you could go from $2864 to $398 pretty easily if the first turn gets wild. It just doesn’t seem worth it.

You could work through the numbers and really analyze the statistics on racing and lane choice if you wanted to. That would be a fun project! Is anyone out there really keeping stats on BMX races?

I think it’s a way of UCI trying to make racing more interesting. It’ll give the announcers more to talk about and something to make the fans sit on the edge of the seats. I don’t think they’ll get enough riders going for it other than Maris Strombergs who consistently chooses gate 8. It’ll be an added bonus if you end up with gate 8 and have nothing to lose, but I doubt we’ll see many riders opting for gate 8.

What do you think? If you had first gate choice would you be lining up in 8?


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DK Bicycles presents: ZULA Part II

Follow DK rider and Elite Pro Tommy Zula back home to Ohio where he puts down some laps on home turf. When he’s back home, he’s out at the tracks still putting in work and giving back by teaching clinics. Zula’s got that style that makes everything look way too easy, especially on these tracks that he grew up riding. Just watch how easy he makes that transfer look at 3:56.

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Central Texas BMX – Next Level BMX Original

Late last year I filmed at Central Texas BMX with Johnny Culbreth, Mike Gonzalez, Matt Kelty, Aaron Ross, Tanner Sebesta, and Jake Trevino during a few windy practice sessions and finally put the footage together. These dudes made the most of it pulled some good lines on a fresh track. The sessions have been few and far between since then, but we’re all looking forward to having a track to regularly ride again.

Be sure to check that clip of Jake Trevino dipping it over the step up into turn 2. I posted a photo of it on instagram and everyone seemed stoked on that one.

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Freestyle Friday – Texas Swimming Pools

Sean Burns Pool


There’s no video for this one, but Dig Magazine has an awesome article up written by Sean Burns, pictured above, about riding pools. My friend Leo Furmansky (aka @thebodegas) shot all of the pictures in the article also. I’ve been lucky enough to tag along ride some of these pools.

Sean sums up riding pools really well.  “It’s not even so much the feeling of rewarding due to the effort put it but It’s the adventure itself. Sneaking in and out makes it all worth the while. The teenage emotion of doing something wrong and being somewhere you are not supposed to, enhances the feeling of the spot.”

Read the article here.

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European Cup 1 & 2 Zolder | Dinny Zerge vlog

Just watching how excited Dinny Zerge was after making it to semi finals made me stoked! Plus, he should be proud, that class looks unbelievable competitive. Be sure to check his website (links to it when you click his name) and check out some of the other content he’s been putting out. The dude is working insanely hard to compete at these races!

Hey, I made a story and race report of my first internationell race in the European Cup 1 & 2 in Zolder! Here you can see the track, my races and parts of the Zolder Circus.

The races from the competition you see in this movie is taken from the UEC BMX European Cup 2015 – Livestream:http://livestream.com/dbvideo/EKBMX?t=1427744843301

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Maris Strombergs Gillette World Sport

It’s always cool to see racers getting some corporate spotlight. Maris Strombergs sits down with Gillette’s World Sport series to discuss his bike and explain BMX to people who may have never heard of it. I’m surprised they didn’t make him clean shaven for this interview though.

Two-time Olympic and World champion in BMX racing Maris Strombergs speaks to Gillette World Sport about BMX racing, the physical challenges at play during races and the equipment and design specifics of his own championship winning bike.

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Freestyle Friday Eric Lichtenberger in “No Hype”

Press play and watch Eric Lichtenberger’s section of Stranger’s “No Hype” video that’s full of wall rides and high hops. I’m always into pegless street sections because they really bring out some creativity. You’re not going to see a clip of Eric doing grinds on a 1 foot tall ledge, I can guarantee you that. Get to watching and stick around for the last clip!


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