2015 USA BMX Stars and Stripes Nationals Elite Men Mains

Connor Fields get the win both days in Southpark after getting the holeshot in each main. He just makes it look too easy! The shot from behind the third straight as they send the pro set is sick. I think the Southpark pro set is the closesest thing BMX has to a motocross jump. It literally looks like they’re flying. We need some more of this! Day 2 main below: Continue reading

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Freestyle Friday – E.J. Dorrian X Leo Furmansky Spring 2015

When I’m not riding at the track, I’m usually cruising the streets, skateparks, pools, or wherever with Leo Furmansky. Here’s a couple clips from all over the Austin, Texas area we filmed this spring. Pretty stoked on this one because it’s got a clip of the first pool I rode. Leo’s first and last clips were pretty nuts too and fun to film.

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Road Trip Berlin with Andreas Bjorkman and Ville Nilsson – Mellowpark 2015

If this video of Andreas Bjorkman and Ville Nilsson’s trip to ride Mellowpark in Berlin doesn’t make you want to pack up the bike with your buds and take a trip to ride, there is something wrong with you. This place has got it all and looks like a playground for BMX bikes. The cabins even look sick.

There’s no shortage of style in this one either. These dudes aren’t afraid to send it on the SX track and even get tech on one of the pump tracks.They said the Red Bull Revolution track was closed, but the new track was still fun.

You know it’s a good trip when “the edit is not mainly focused on riding because we had so much fun riding we forgot to film it, but it sure does bring a good vibe.” You got that right, Ville!

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Test Ride | Derik Bergh

To be honest, in the first clips of the second straight I was really expecting Derik Bergh to roast that triple, but it was just a pull to jump out. Then later in the edit he came back and send it and got all steezy. Maybe that’s a new way to make sure people watch all of your edit. I know I was waiting thinking “he’s got to send that triple.”

Shout out to Brandon Brown for the film/edit.

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Manchester BMX Coaching Night

£4 (~$6) for a coaching session?! With the club system operating this way, progression has got to be happening quick. I believe progression, especially in BMX, is about the people you ride with and people that get you to push yourself. When you’re having weekly sessions with top experts at your track, you’re going to be progressing faster than ever.

Sessions like this, however, turn BMX practice into something more comparable to a team sport practice. It could be good or bad, depending on what you’re looking for. I know the structure of racing is what attracts a lot of parents in the first place rather than dropping their kids off at the skatepark.

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2000 ABA Grands

I’m posting this mostly because 2000 was the first year I took the journey to Tulsa, Oklahoma to race. I don’t remember too much about the race because I was just 7 years old at the time.

One thing that really stood out to me was some of the big name manufactures that were still putting money into BMX programs and the “show” that they make out of this video. Companies like Schwinn and Nirve are long gone from BMX and USA BMX doesn’t seem to be putting on quite as much of a show anymore. There’s also a lot of names that I haven’t heard in many years, but overall the racing is still great. Womens’ racing has progressed tremendously and there were some close races in AA.

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Freestyle Friday – Eclat in Chile

Just imagine the drama that would come sending a bunch of BMX racers into an area with riots. I could only imagine the parents freaking out! The Eclat team, however, rolls with the punches and makes the most of this hectic trip to Chile. Despite the mess, the Eclat team was still able to come out with this bangin’ edit. That last Sean Burns clip is nuts!


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