Time Lapse UCI 2014 BMX Worlds Track

You can complain all you want about this arena being too small for the 2014 BMX Worlds track, but you’ve got to have some respect for this track build process. When it comes to this build, the UCI has their act together! The coolest part is watching them brick pave the turns.

Does anybody know what that top coat is on the dirt?

Just because nobody else has either, I’ll go ahead and point out that the UCI spelled “Timelaps” instead of the correct way “Time Lapse.” Maybe they were thinking of the time trials?

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Next Level Video Tip: GoPro Looping Video

I’ve always liked the idea of self filmed edits, but they’re a huge pain to edit. You’ve got to set the camera up, press record, ride back to your starting point, get the clip, and then stop to end the recording. Repeat that process 20 times if you’re working on a trick/line that’s hard to get. It’s a huge pain, and you’ll find yourself quickly running out of batter and memory.

I found a solution for this using the GoPro looping video feature. Continue reading

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Premiere of Rebel Run Sports Camp

After a lot of hard work, time, and dedication over the past year, we are excited and proud to announce the opening of Rebel Run Sports Camp, “Texas’ premier BMX training camp”.  You can check us out at www.Rebelruncamp.com or on our facebook page.  We look forward to seeing all of you here real soon.

Yes, you read that right. There’s a BMX camp coming to the Houston, Texas area! Travis Postany and Lee Lewis have been hard at work putting Rebel Run Sports Camp together. If you check out the weekend camps page, you’ll notice that there’s some dates through the rest of 2014. You can be one of the first riders to get the Rebel Run experience and start with the right foot forward leading into Grands and the 2015 season! Then there’s going to be some summer 2015 dates yet to be announced that I’m sure will fill fast.

I was fortunate enough to be invited out by Travis a few months ago to check Rebel Run Sports Camp it’s as good as a track to train on gets. You can see it in the video, but I can tell you from firsthand experience that the first straight is unbelievably fast. It leads perfectly into the left hand 90 degree turn, then down a second straight that flows perfectly. Then the rhythm is long enough to give some serious options as far as lines go. I’m certain there’s a million unique ways through it. At the end of the rhythm is a step up that you can either choose to hip into the first turn or continue into the final right hand 90 into the last straight.

He’s also got a nice ramp setup in the warehouse that the gate sits on. It has a box jump line and even a foam pit. With Travis as a coach, I’m sure there will be plenty of kids learning flips during their visit! Inside the warehouse is also a gym and bunks for the campers.

Rebel Run Sports Camp 1

Rebel Run Sports Camp 1

You can check the photos page of their website to see more.

While I was there Travis was also telling me about their mind, body, and strength coach, Joelle Daniel. Not only is he going to help you get on the right track physically for a race, he’s going to get your head straight for the mental side of racing and make sure you’re eating right to perform your best.

Keep up with Rebel Run on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube to get updates on the camp as they come!




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VLNT Clothing Launch


VLNT went live today launching their brand and a solid collection of T-shirts. You can use the coupon code “fromthebeginning” to get $5.00 our entire purchase. Check out their web store and get to shopping to support a true BMX racing brand. To get an idea of what they’re about, here’s what their about us section says:

Being an action sports lifestyle brand requires more than just an “edgy” look, you have to sell durable apparel that you can thrash during the day and pickup chicks at night.
Feel good when you’re pushing the limit.

But my real question is if it’s violent of vigilant?

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Staats BMX Owner, Richard Huvard Interview

I don’t see many Staats BMX frames in Texas, but apparently they’re trying to get back on the national level and headed out to the East Coast Nationals to do some marketing along the Atlantic. Staats BMX Owner, Richard Huvard discusses the brand and their design. They have a 100% carbon Victor I fork and their unique Bloodline frame designs that feature some different dropouts.

Shout out to Crazy Al Cayne for the interview!

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Clark and Kent Compound

Clark and Kent Compound
Normally I wouldn’t post a video that I couldn’t directly embed, but Joey Gough sent this over to me and it was too good not to share. Plus, this awesome edit of the Clark and Kent compound backs up the other two great ladies edits that I’ve already posted today. Joey shreds with the rest of the C&K locals in front of the Pinkbike lens. You can clink the picture above to head over to their site to watch it.

You might also remember me talking about how the last episode of Sarah Walker’s 96 dreams made Berlin seem small. Well this video does the exact opposite. Those gap doubles look pretty big from the angles they’re shot at here.

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