Parkour Ride – London 2014

I thought this was just a head to head race between Liam Phillips and some other dude, but it looks like there were plenty of other riders. Obviously in a race like this you’ll get three BMX racers on top of the podium. I think the race would have been a little better if it had some sort of flat start instead of a gate. That gave a pretty big advantage to BMX racers over the rest of the field. Anyways, it looked like fun. Who doesn’t love bombing down parking garages?

While this may come off as a bit “tacky” to some, I think unsanctioned fun races are what we need more of. They expose BMX racing to a different crowd and open up opportunities for racers to make a few extra dollars.

Anyone know where I can find some sort of GoPro footage of the complete course? If you come across a link send it to me!


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Rad Canyon 2014

This summer, I took a week long trip out to Salt Lake City, Utah and was lucky enough to get to ride at Rad Canyon twice while I was there. The local scene out there was amazing and I got to watch a “small” race night with over 30 motos. The track was buttery smooth despite a solid week of rain. I brought the GoPro along and filmed a couple clips of myself cruising the track and got some of the locals to let the whips fly down the second straight.

Thanks to everyone I met out there and all the rad dudes I filmed with! Hopefully I can see y’all again soon!

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Buchanan On Air – Ep8 | Securing The BMX World Cup Title

If you need a quick lesson in setting goals and achieving them, Caroline Buchanan reveals all the secrets. She had a successful 2014 season that ended with winning the overall SX World Cup.

Caroline races her way onto the podium in the last stop of the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup season in Chula Vista California. 

2014 was a very successful World Cup season from Caroline. Starting off the year winning the first stop in Manchester and then went onto place 4th in Holland, 1st in Berlin, 7th in Argentina and with a large points lead placing 2nd in the last round in California and securing the overall World Cup Title.

Olympic Champion Maraina Pajon wound up the year in 2nd place ahead of Olympic Bronze Medalist Laura Smulders in 3rd.

Stay tuned for the final episode of #BUCHANANonAir coming soon with a whole 2014 season wrap up, plenty of lifestyle content as well as a teaser of whats to come and a sneak peak of unseen #BUCHANANonAir footage that will be airing in a one hour TV package on FOX Sport

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GT Bicycles at UCI BMX World Cup Chula Vista, CA

If you want to see some smooth riding, watch those first clips of Felicia Stancil. She’s got the Chula track dialed! Sean Gaian and Jordan Miranda also put down solid laps throughout the weekend and found their way to the front of the pack.

I was never really into the GT carbon bikes, but the one they’re all riding now looks pretty dialed in flat black! There’s some good shots of it in this edit too if you want to check it out.

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TRA Double Cross BMX Practice x Race Footage

The TRA Double Cross race took away the 3 story starting hill, asphalt turns, and clip pedals and put the focus on bike control, trail style jumps, and a whole lot of fun. The race had a mix of racers and trail riders including some pretty big names such as Steven Cisar, Aaron Ross, Matt Kelty, Van Homan, Derek Sipkoi, and Chris Doyle just to name a few. The Sipkoi and Doyle race had to be the best one! It’s at the 13:08 mark and is a must watch! Chris Doyle walked away with the third, Steven Cisar with second, and Victor Behm with the win.

This was the first event of its kind and I can only hope that they keep coming. I’ve been saying it for a long time that we need more sanction free races that the riders are stoked on. For more info about TRA and the event, you can check out their website here.

Huge shoutout to Crazy Al over at for the video. Good work!

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Ride Like a Girl – Joey Gough 2014

The title of this video may be “Ride Like A Girl,” but Joey Gough can definitely hang with the boys. There aren’t too many women out there tripling through rhythm sections and roasting trails. Joey’s videos are some of my favorites to watch, and this one is no exception with the balanced mix of track and trail footage.

If you don’t already, be sure to give Joey a follow on instagram (@goffybmx). She’s always riding amazing spots and having a good time!

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