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Next Level

Yesterday you might have seen my post on various social networks featuring this image. Long story short, one of the larger BMX media websites that focuses strictly on news has now crossed into the world of video. To be 100% honest, I’m a little bit bitter because I feel like my toes are getting stepped on.

Rather than a drawn out post about how I don’t believe that this website didn’t know Next Level existed, I’d like to thank every single person who has ever visited Next Level over the past two years. It means a lot. I put this much work into Next Level because I love BMX racing and I believe that more media content, such as videos, is what our sport needs to grow.

Two years ago I noticed BMX racing lacking a space that posted videos. It was also lacking a space that wasn’t full of dads asking ridiculous questions about their 6 year old’s gear ratio or complaining that their home track sucks. It was lacking something that was true to the riders. Instead of getting boring race reports and stories about sponsor changes, I wanted a place that a rider could relate to. In May of 2012, I decided to do something about it and that’s when I started Next Level.

This post is just a reminder that Next Level is out there to support you. I’m not putting any cash in my pocket. I’m not making money off your video. I’m not trying to take your video with prizes. I’m simply giving BMX racing the website that I think it needs. I want to see your video succeed, your sponsors to see your video succeed, and your riding to get the recognition it deserves.

I don’t need my website to be “brought to you by” anybody to motivate me to post. I’m a rider that’s here for the rider, not the advertiser. Next Level is brought to you by you. Regardless of money, I’m still going to be sitting behind my computer watching your videos and finding ways to travel to ride my bike.

And to the operator of the website that wrote the article above, if you don’t know about Next Level now you know.


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Raymond van der Biezen Tribute

It takes a dedicated fan to put together a tribute video. Check out this one of Raymond van der Biezen by Santiago Hernandez Lopez.

This is a tribute to one of the best bmx riders in te world, Raymond van der Biezen from Netherlands.
Follow my other videos, you can see them in my You Tube channel.Music: I Remember -Tristam.
Editer: Santiago Hernández López from Colombia(@santiagohl223).

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BMX Fever!

Will this be the next Rad?! This is an absolutely hilarious preview of BMX Fever. LOL at “the harsh realization that the beastie boys are actually white guys.”

Fun fact: they film at Lone Star BMX aka “Death Track” which is the track I broke my shoulder on.

Help Fund BMX Fever by Jan 2015 by going to:… 

BMX Fever is a radical comedy about BMX racing in the year 1987. Our high school senior hero, Kelly Walker, must defend the honor of his dead best friend by racing against the evil Curtis ‘The Rebel’ Reynolds in the BMX Championships at Death Track!

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