Tangent Open Mazarron

Hector Gomez hit me with a press release about an upcoming race Mazarron, Spain. I know I’ve got a few people from outside of the states who check Next Level that might be interested in this. The event looks dope. If you’re interested, you can hit up their website for all of the details!

With the Mazarron Town Hall, Cronomur and Tangent Products Spain, we have the pleasure of organize this first Open of BMX in Mazarrón, for promote this sweet track and we wish to become in one of most national popular races, and too international races. We take this opportunity to invite to all the national and international clubs and riders to participate on this great BMX party!

See you 23rd and 24th of January 2016 on this great race.

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Bicycle Motocross – Tribute to BMX Bandits

It’s been a minute since I’ve seen BMX Bandits (by minute I mean like well over 10 years), but from what I remember this is pretty similar. The scene with the flip in the construction site was one of the most creative scenes I’ve ever seen. Not going to lie, I watched that scene a few times because it was so rad.

Corey Bohan, Mike ‘Hucker’ Clark and BMX racer Leanna Curtis team up for the ultimate tribute to 1984’s BMX Bandits, Bicycle Motocross.

The brainchild of Corey Bohan, Bicycle Motocross comes after a lifetime of religious viewing of the original film which saw Nicole Kidman grace the silverscreen for the first time, two years of planning and a hectic two weeks of filming across Sydney to create something that truly paid tribute to the original, with Corey’s unique twist.

With special thanks to Oliver J Nilsen (Australia) Limited.

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Filip Svanberg 2XU

This is worth watching for the most buttery jump to tap manual I’ve ever seen! Watch Filip Svanberg put down some solid lines after a training sesh.

Anyone else notice that he’s basically wearing running shorts with leggings underneath? Not sure if I’m into that, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s a look you start seeing pop up more often soon.

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