BMX Indoor – St. Etienne 14 // Highlights

Here’s a highlight reel from the St. Etinne indoor race on one of the tightest tracks I’ve ever seen. It looks like there’ not a jump over 4 foot tall and there’s no way the berms are going to accommodate more than two riders wide. I bet it made for some interesting racing and from the clips in the video it looks like some big names came through.

Does anyone have links to any of the main events?

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Hilltop Ranch Trail Jam on January 3rd

Hilltop ranch Trails

Word is that the Hilltop Ranch facility will be having a trail jam on January 3rd to kick off the new year right. I’m going to try and be out there with the Next Level cameras filming and riding if my shoulder is up to it by then. If you’re anywhere near the Houston, Texas area you should come check it out! Here’s what the Hilltop Ranch Facebook post said:

Attention all riders, family, and friends!! Saturday, January 3rd Hilltop is hosting a
Jam out at the trails. There will be a DJ, drinks, free product, and a awesome time! This Jam will be FREE of cost, all we want is for everyone to have a good time. Times are not set yet, but we are thinking noon and will ride all night long. Bring your family, friends, chairs, and any extra drink and food you want, the riders will be putting on a show. Even if you don’t ride we would love for you to join. I promise you won’t want to miss it. Let’s kick off 2015 the right way! Message us for any questions.

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Freestyle Friday – Skapegoat 7

This isn’t your typical Freestyle Friday. This Friday you’re getting to check out Bob Scerbo’s Skapegoat 7. I was introduced to Skapegoat last weekend by a good friend of mine and couldn’t get over how good the video was. By good I don’t mean there’s insane never been done tricks before. What I really mean by good is that it’s 100% real. Bob captures what a real session in the streets is like. Even if you don’t want to watch the entire 25 minute video, you should at least click through and watch bits and pieces of it.

I found quite a bit of inspiration from this video. Hopefully I’ll be putting something out like it in the near future.

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Tyler Whitfield Grands Manual

If you’ve seen Tyler Whitfield’s whole track manual video, then you know he can keep that front end up for a while. Instead of ending his Grands trip with a recovery ride, he ended it with a manual that goes through the entire stadium. Shout out to the kid he almost took out at 2:04!

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Layne Gainer 2014 Grands Semi

I’d rather post a good am race than a mediocre pro race any day. Layne Gainer somehow goes from last to 4th to qualify in 19-27 expert semis. 19-27 semis are no joke. There’s no motofill here. Every single rider on that gate is deserving of a spot in the main. To come from behind and make your way into the top 4 is pretty outstanding.If you watch closely, he’s in gate 7 and comes unclipped on the dip out of the starting hill. Down the second straight he puts the power down and by the third turn he’s up to 5th. In the last turn Layne makes a pass from the outside, which is pretty rare. Props to Layne on this lap! Good race!

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