Bamboo BMX Bike

Is bamboo the next trend in BMX? It obviously holds up better than the cheap parts they built the bike with. I’ve gotten to pedal around on a bamboo fixie and it felt just as solid as any other bike I’ve ever ridden. After watching Fathead shred the BMX version I wouldn’t be opposed to giving that a try either. The bike takes some serious abuse! They don’t give any specs on weight, which I think would be interesting.


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One Afternoon in Dardiwood

Damien Godet, Quentin Derom, Teva Peyronon, and Clement Maricot get in one solid afternoon session at Dardiwood in France. Like always, you can expect good things out of a French track! These dudes all have good flow, even Clement who is just 12 years old. Press play and watch some good riders on a good track!

Thanks to Alexis Maricot for the submission!

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Help the Elite Women Raise Money for Equal Payout at Grands

Since USA BMX isn’t going to give Elite Women equal pay to Elite Men, Ride Like a Girl (I’m pretty sure Carley Young is the driving force behind this) stepped up and is taking charge to get the women riders the pay they deserve. Shout out for the ladies of BMX for doing something rather than just complaining! This is what I like to see. Go buy a shirt and support your favorite elite woman. Head over to the Ride Like a Girl webstore to buy a shirt.

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Freestyle Friday – Texas Toast 2014 Street Finals + More

This is how you throw a BMX jam. If you haven’t gotten the opportunity to go to Texas Toast, you’re missing out on one of the best events in BMX. The list of riders is heavy, featuring up and comers to X-games gold medalists, and the stoke is high. It’s truly an event that is by riders for riders featuring the motto “together we shred.” With characters like Steve Crandall and Darryl Nau announcing, the event is full of laughs and positivity. Even with the contest format, you can tell that every single rider there is having the time of their life.

After going to an event like this, it really makes you question what needs to be done to bring an atmosphere like this to a BMX race. I think the TRA Double Cross took a huge step in the right direction a few weeks ago. You make a track that riders want to ride, hold the race a place they want to be, and find the right sponsors that support BMX.

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Chase Bicycles UCI BMX SuperCross Wrap Up Chula Vista, CA

The triple into the last turn at Chula is one of my favorite jumps to watch. This video features plenty of quality clips of Chase riders being smooooooth into the last turn!


Take a look back at the Chase Bicycles Pro team at the final round of the 2014 UCI BMX Supercross race series in Chula Vista, CA. Connor Fields was the winner of the Time Trial, while Joris Daudet, Melinda McLeod, Renato Rezende, Anthony Dean, and Carlos Ramirez all battle it out on track.

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Parkour Ride – London 2014

I thought this was just a head to head race between Liam Phillips and some other dude, but it looks like there were plenty of other riders. Obviously in a race like this you’ll get three BMX racers on top of the podium. I think the race would have been a little better if it had some sort of flat start instead of a gate. That gave a pretty big advantage to BMX racers over the rest of the field. Anyways, it looked like fun. Who doesn’t love bombing down parking garages?

While this may come off as a bit “tacky” to some, I think unsanctioned fun races are what we need more of. They expose BMX racing to a different crowd and open up opportunities for racers to make a few extra dollars.

Anyone know where I can find some sort of GoPro footage of the complete course? If you come across a link send it to me!


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Rad Canyon 2014

This summer, I took a week long trip out to Salt Lake City, Utah and was lucky enough to get to ride at Rad Canyon twice while I was there. The local scene out there was amazing and I got to watch a “small” race night with over 30 motos. The track was buttery smooth despite a solid week of rain. I brought the GoPro along and filmed a couple clips of myself cruising the track and got some of the locals to let the whips fly down the second straight.

Thanks to everyone I met out there and all the rad dudes I filmed with! Hopefully I can see y’all again soon!

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