Kyle Short

I’m really stoked to put up this edit of Kyle Short! He’s been a fan of Next Level for a while now and I’m glad to finally feature some of his riding and work. Kyle’s a good dude who’s got plenty of projects that I’m excited to see released. For now, enjoy this quick one of him shredding on home turf.

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Chase / DHR BMX YMCA Summer Camp Edit

Take a look at the “BMX Pro for a Week” program that Dale Holmes is working on to introduce new riders to the sport of BMX. In the week long camp, he takes the crew to Southern California’s finest tracks to show them the ropes. Community programs like this are awesome and a great way to bring new riders into our sport!

Starting off with the right foot forward is a great way to get kids hooked on BMX . Dale even noted that there’s a few that would make great racers. Great work, Dale!

“In celebration of our second year of, “BMX Pro for a Week”, summer camp through a cooperative adventure with the YMCA of San Diego County – we had a new edit done to show you first-hand a day in the life of our campers. We cover bike and street safety, the importance of wearing protective gear, why leading a healthful lifestyle is important both on and off the track and the fundamentals of BMX Racing. Our ultimate goal is to introduce the sport of BMX racing to more kids and to excite those already interested in getting more involved. We’ve been grateful for the support of our sponsors and also for the support of USABMX. Check it out.”

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LIFERS – Alfred “Big Al” Freeman

BIG AL IS THE MAN! He’s one of the nicest dudes in Texas and has been holding it down for years. Starting at 26 years young, Al was hooked after his first trip to the original Capitol City BMX in Austin, Texas. Many years later he’s still shredding and inspiring. Press play and get stoked!

*Featuring riders whose desire and dedication is unrivaled.
The Hardest of the Hardcore… Lifers who bleed BMX

EPISODE 5 – Alfred “Big Al” Freeman

One of only a few real Austin natives… BIG AL has been a part of the scene from the beginning … BMX to the bone, if you Race, you know who Big Al is. An athlete with a real passion for what he does… Big Al has an unrivaled commitment to the sport he loves.

a monthly Web Series for 2015

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Weighing In: Zolder UCI Worlds Track

Nic Long Zolder

Nic Long blames poor performance at the UCI Worlds in Zolder on lack of preparation. On the other hand, you have Connor Fields dropping tweets like this blaming tracks:

For your reference , here’s a video I found to put this argument into perspective. This is from an 8 boys moto. I think a USA rider gets third. Technical is an understatement for this track.

So who’s to blame here – the tracks we have here in the states or the riders? On this one, I’m going to have to side with Nic. I think a lot of it comes down to riders not being prepared.
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