HazTV: Manchester BMX SX 2015

Take a flight with Harriet Burbidge-Smith, aka Haz, from Australia to Manchester, England. This is just the first part of her Manchester edit and only has a few clips from a local track session. I was digging the “is the red button on” GoPro sticker though. If you ever ride with a GoPro you’re constantly asking that question.

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Caroline Buchanan Documentary

Sit down for 50 minutes and get to know goes on behind the scenes with Caroline Buchanan. The video has a pretty big focus on racing and training, as you’d expect, but also features plenty of off the bike stuff. My favorite part is around the 26 minute mark where Caroline discusses her start in mountain bikes and BMX. It’s also funny how they use footage from Mariana Pajon’s GoPro to show Caroline passing her in Berlin last year.

“24 year old Caroline Buchanan embarks on the 2014 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup series with one goal in mind.
Take a ride with Caroline as she travels around the globe & secures the BMX World Cup Title.

Caroline takes you behind the scenes in this one hour documentary of what its like to be a 5x World Champion action sport female chasing gold.

Check out her track in her backyard, adrenaline junkie down time and unseen footage securing the World Cup title.”

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Next Generation Race #1 Cobra Bmx

It’s not that often I post an edit featuring little rippers! Cobra BMX sent over this video from Carley Young’s Next Generation Race in Columbus, Ohio. Carley put together a pro style race for the little dudes and they put on just as good of a show as the pros.

This edit is from a Gold Cup Qualifier  and Carley Young’s Next Generation Race in Columbus, Ohio USA on May 2nd 2015. It features riders Like Stevie Ragland, the HutchBoyz, the Ammon Boys, and Eli Haney or Tenessee.

Watch Graydon Hutchinson  win his total point to 1/4 races, 1/4s , and semis.  Going in to the main with lane choice, he chose to test himself and go for gate 8. Watch the video and see what happened…

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Twan van Gendt Timetrial Crash at Papendal

If you’ve ever ridden a time trial before, you know how hard it is to keep concentration. It’s hard to “race” when there’s nobody you’re truly racing. You can tell from the start that Twan van Gendt loses focus almost immediately out of the gate. Combine that with some nasty crosswind and you’ve got a recipe for disaster down the third straight.

This one hurt to watch.

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Papendal Elite Men and Women Final

I’ve got the Elite Men main first and then the Elite Women below. Niek Kimmann killed it down the first straight. You could definitely tell he was nervous and riding as hard as he could. Just watch how many little hang ups and over jumps there are. Niek knows his way around this track and held off Sam Willoughby though despite a few bobbles.

Then in the Elite Women race Mariana Pajon just walks away from everyone. Nobody was even close after the first straight.

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Will Grant 2015

Everyone’s favorite BMX supermodel, Will Grant, just dropped this edit of some clips he had on his phone. He’s been riding all of Florida’s finest tracks and getting clips. Will’s tap manual game is on point and that second clip was smoooooth! I thought for sure he was going to hang up the back wheel on the last roller. Peep that last slam also.

After you’re done watching this, go join the rest of the 94k people following him on insta.


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Chase UCI BMX Supercross Manchester Recap

The Chase crew had a strong showing at the season opener at Manchester and got a few riders up on the podium.

Lets take a look back at the opening round of the 2015 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup with the riders of the Chase BMX Pro team and supported Chase riders. Ride along with Connor Fields, Joris Daudet, Anthony Dean, Stefany Hernandez, Dan Franks, Carlos Ramirez, Natasha Suvorova, Dani George and others

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