BMX World Cup Win Manchester 2014 | Caroline Buchanan

Caroline Buchanan walks away with a huge win this past weekend at the Manchester World Cup. While the Brooke Crain getting wild over the first jump, Caroline pulled away by at least a bike length down the backside and the race was over from there. Click through to read what Caroline had to say about the big win. Continue reading

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Jake Sherbno Transfer

Jake Sherbno isn’t scared to send this man sized transfer. He’s 100% committed, and although he doesn’t ride away it’s still an honorable attempt. I think he was trying to land on that top roller, but it looks like landing on the lip is possible.

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How to Get Home on a Flat Tire

When you’re at the track you usually don’t have a problem with getting a flat tire and getting home since you just put your bike in the car and drive back. However, if you’re ever out in the streets and you get a flat it’s always a bad situation. Most of us would just walk home, but Shawn McIntosh wouldn’t. This method probably isn’t the best for your rim and tire, but it’ll save you from walking.

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Twan van Gendt Crash at Manchester

Twan Van Gendt

Whoever the dude is in the picture below must not like Twan van Gendt (twanvangendt). He punched him as he went up the lip of the double during Manchester practice.

Just kidding! As you can see in the video Twan just got a bit of bad luck as this dude stood up from crashing. Click through to see a picture of him flying through the air. Continue reading

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