Central Texas BMX Grand Opening

If you want to see what the new Central Texas BMX looks like in Pflugerville, Texas, here’s your video. I wouldn’t have called the day the “grand opening” considering it’s not even totally open yet. They’re currently re-doing the soiltac and will hopefully be open again sooner rather than later.

It’s all drone footage and I think it makes the track look a lot smaller than it really is. The starting hill is a UCI challenge hill (5 meters or 16.4 feet) and the first jump is well over 30 feet long. After the first straight, however, the track is average sized. The pro set is more of a long and low style double compared to what you see on some of the SX tracks. Next to the pro set is a rhythm section that will have plenty of lines and it will be interesting to see how riders approach it. The last straight is a series of small doubles that has a dogleg bend in it. This may make racing down the last straight a bit single file, but it’s got some good jumps that the little ones will have a good time on.


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Next Level BMX Youtube


I went ahead and got the good people over at Youtube to finally change my account from my personal name over to Next Level BMX. This will be where all of the original content that I put up will be posted. Over the next few weeks I’ll be making the channel look better and will put up the Rad Canyon video from my recent trip to Salt Lake City.

Go ahead and subscribe if you haven’t already!

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Jordy Scott 13 Years Old BMX Edit

You can find Jordy Scott in front of the 13 girls class, but you can also find her hitting some serious trails. She ain’t scared to send it! Seriously, she sends some massive doubles that most people reading this wouldn’t get anywhere near. To top it all off, she even put some track clips at the end of her leading the pack and even doing a jump to manual.

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Nick Fox Soloshot Edit

It’s been a minute since I’ve put up a Nick Fox edit, so it’s about time I put one up! In this edit, he uses a Soloshot to self film. I hear about Soloshot a while back, but this is the first time I’ve seen someone use it in BMX. It looks like a great tool to make filming yourself a million times easier, and it’s probably higher quality than handing your buddy the camera and saying “film this.”

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Ashlee Moore Holeshot

While this isn’t an edit, it’s stilk a pretty cool post for me to put on the site. I first worked with Ashlee Moore when she was 6 (maybe even younger) and it’s awesome to see her pulling holeshots in the 9 girl class now. She also took home wins both days. Thanks to her dad, Don, for sending this over!

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Richfield Park BMX Late Summer Edit

Kurtis Kuznair, Chase Kuznair, and Austin Underwood do some lines around their local track, Richfield Park BMX, in Michigan. This video is probably best watched on mobile since they filmed most of it with the camera vertical. The big jump at 2:46 looks like it would be a lot of fun to boost over! I’m not even sure what to call it though.

Kurtis also reminded me that him and Chase are sponsored Magic BMX.

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Renato Rezende Pump Lap at Chula Vista

When I do clinics at my local track, I always emphasize the pump lap. This takes pump laps to the next level (pun intended!). Renato Rezende makes it all the way around the Beijing replica track at Chula Vista with no pedals. Look at how hard he worked that first jump and then how he carved the entire first corner. Watch this for some inspiration and then go put down some pump laps at your local track tonight!

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Steven Cisar: The Missing Years

I knew Steven Cisar was out of the game for a while, but I had no idea why. Corinne Walder produced this video giving the story about how drugs took precedence over BMX, especially after the 2008 Olympic Trials. Steven doesn’t hold anything back in this interview and lays it all out for us. After his second try at rehab, he took a turn for the better and is now back on the track consistently making his way to the front of the pack.

After you watch the video, you’ve got to head on over to mpora and read the full interview.

“When I first made the decision [to get back on the bike], I still didn’t have any support. Everyone wanted me to get a regular job and live a regular life. They didn’t believe in my abilities anymore, and I understood that, but I had to show them, and prove to myself that I could still do this.”

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