Caroline Buchanan | Modern Day Athlete | Marketable Olympic BMX Athlete

I’m not sure exactly how big of a deal cycling is in Australia, but I am certain that it gets significantly more news coverage than it does in the US. I can’t think of a single rider I’ve seen on any sort of national TV show getting coverage. While we’re not even getting 15 seconds of fame in the US, Caroline Buchanan seems to be all over the Australian media marketing herself and being in the spotlight.

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Amanda Carr’s Quest | Texas USA BMX National

I don’t post all of Amanda Carr’s Quest videos, but I do post the ones I find particularly interesting. She got a good lap in on the main on Sunday and walked away with a third. She talks about it here and I saw on instagram that she’s staying with Hunter Pelham for the week to ride and get ready for Manchester. I’m looking forward to seeing some footage of her shredding Hunter’s track!

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How Carbon Frames Are Made

I got curious today during my manufacturing class when we talked about composite materials (such as carbon fiber), did some searching around, and then came across this Scott video showing their carbon frame build. The build process was pretty interesting, but I was more amazed by the testing facility and modeling that they do.


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