Buchanan Next Gen Team Promo

In a global first, Caroline Buchanan, the current world number one BMX rider created a young women’s team. The Buchanan Next Gen team currently consists of three Australian BMX riders.
Mikayla Rose (ACT) is the eldest at 14 has her sights set on the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. From western Sydney (NSW) is Paige Harding at just 11 years of age. Harding claimed fifth place at the 2014 World Championships and aims to improve on that this year in Belgium in July. The youngest and newest member to the team is 8 yr old Tayla Robertson from Shepparton (VIC). Robertson is a current national champion in her age group and is aiming for a podium at this year’s world championship.

The Next Gen team will all head to the upcoming BMX World Championships in Belgium in July. Last year team members Rose and Harding each finished in the top 10.

The Buchanan Next Gen team initiative is mentored by two time BMX World Champion and current winner of the BMX World Cup series. Buchanan also has three Mountain Bike World titles. Buchanan is aiming to compete in the Rio De Janeiro Olympics in 2016.
New sponsors supporting the program, Jayco and On The Go have made it possible to expand the team and continue the initiative.

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Photo Feature: Lee Lewis



I couldn’t find much for video content to post today, so I thought I’d dig back into the Next Level archives and shine some light on a photo that probably hasn’t been seen in a while. This shot of Lee Lewis going into turn 2 at DeSoto comes from a gallery I originally posted of the 2014 Texas State Championships shot by Leo Furmansky.

Rather than some sort of sloppy jump-manual combination that most people do over this triple, Lee takes the high route and jumps the whole thing. Even in full race mode, Lee has some of the best style in the game. I don’t remember what the outcome of this lap was, but I’m sure Lee was quickly gaining ground on whoever is leading.

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Don’t Be Fooled


I came across this image today from Skateboarder Magazine and it’s all too relevant to BMX racing. Sometimes we forget why we’re racing. We’re not out there for the sponsors, the money, or the fame. At the end of the day we’re racing because we love being on our bikes. If that’s not why you load your bike into your car to go to the track, you’re doing BMXwrong.

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Dinny Zerge – 2014 Season

We all know how hard it can be to get a sponsor to support your racing. Dinny Zerge is in the over 30 years old age bracket and going through that struggle, but instead of complaining he’s doing something about it for himself. I’ve seen a few crowdfunding efforts in BMX, but this one is serious. For your donation of $200, you can ride with Dinny forever and get your name tattooed on his arm. He’s raised almost $1700 which is already helping him get to the first race in Belgium.

Here’s what he sent me:

I just ended the crowdfunding campaign “Don’t wanna be too old for this shit!” were I tried to reach my dream of riding the European Cup, 12 races of Bmx Racing. I did this cause even if I won the Swedish championship in my class 25-34 cruiser this year it’s so damn hard to get support when you’re over 30.

In the campaign, I offer people different things like tattoo your name on my arm, tattoo your logo on my forearm, have your face on my jersey. Then I had more normal offers like logo on jersey, logo on cap for different costs. Fun thing is that 4 supporters claimed their name tattooed on my arm, wasn’t sure it would work, but yes it did, and they are now at my arm! See the vlog when it were done: https://vimeo.com/116778625

The project went great and I can go to the race first Belgium. Now I’m searching for support to get out too the rest of the races.

If you dig this video and want to support Dinny chasing the dream, head over to his indiegogo and give a few dollars. You can keep up with his blog here also.

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Andreas Björkman – Spain 2015

Andreas Björkman and friends took a trip to ride the beautiful Alicante, Spain track for a 12 days to escape the Swedish winter. The Alicante track is about as technical as it gets and I feel like you’d need 12 days just to figure it all out. The jumps are steep and close together, especially the pro set that leaves no room for error. The three wide clip over the triple was pretty sweet also.

This might be the first video I’ve ever posted to feature twerking, so there’s that also. There’s even some bonus footage from the trails and a couple crash clips. Press that play button now!

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